My Mini Review of BTS’ DNA MV

First of all, I’m not someone who listens to music a lot but when I do listen, I’m very choosy.

After watching BTS’ DNA teaser, I got my expectations so high that when I finally watched the MV, I got so disappointed that I my heart couldn’t just take it. I have been a fan of BTS since their debut and all their songs until now were so rhythmic and fun to listen to.

I wish I could say I liked DNA but even when I tried to listen to it the second time, my mood drops immediately in the entire main part of the song. However, I really like the beginning and the ending. As the MV begins, the camera shows some kind of a pastel colored galaxy and then zooms in and zooms out from Jungkook’s eye. We can’t miss mentioning how handsome and flawless Jungkook looks. The whistling had got me hooked right from the teaser which is why I foretold that their song would be a hit but now we know how it turned out.

Then comes V and his style and expression are what fangirls need. His voice too was good to listen to. I liked the part until J-hope sang but Rap Monsters part dropped the beat a little which upset my thoughts a little. I still think Suga should’ve got more rap parts since I like his voice more than Rap Monsters. Jimin looked quite attracting to me in the MV. The part before the dance break is catchy too. The choreography seems difficult and a lot is going on but BTS’ choreographies are always filled with vigour.

We do have to take a note the whistling part that they incorporated in between. I think it made the song a bit more fetching.

I also liked V’s Jin’s slow part, it was fitting for such a song. And from this point on, I managed to like the song a little. The ‘Forever together’ part where Jin sings then V comes in front of Jin and then Jungkook comes and then finally Jimin comes and then Jimin does this expression that my heart fluttered upon, I think that was the best part of the entire MV.

I definitely loved the ‘la la la la’ choreography and I can’t help but wonder if it was J-hope who choreographed it because that last part Is entirely his style and he certainly stole the spotlight (Let me know if I’m right)

Overall, I have mixed feelings with the song. Maybe if I try and keep listening to it, my percent of liking it would rise. BTS is a hip-hop group and we do expect a lot from them. Unquestionably, since they have now become an international sensation, they might snatch wins as easy as a piece of cake. Army’s are ever so passionate on seeing BTS at the top.

I liked one or two songs from their album as well, I think they were ‘Pied Piper’ and ‘Mic Drop’. It’s a good listen but the rest of the songs, they weren’t my style.

Like I said before, I anticipated more from BTS but that’s alright. I didn’t completely hate the song DNA. It has a good feel to it but I only wished it would’ve been a bit more ‘heart-pounding’ song that would’ve given me goosebumps.

There are many of who completely loved the song and some who have been unsatisfied, nevertheless, let’s keep supporting our dynamic group BTS and give them as much love as we can!

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