My Review of Sukitte Ii Na Yo

I had been wanting to see this movie for so long and finally, I did two night ago.
Sukitte ii na yo, called as Say I love you in English is a manga based romantic Live action.

Being honest, the movie was good. Not that good, but it was nice to have something to watch to pass time. I like Sato Fukushi so you could say, I watched the entire movie just for him.

Like most of the movies, the protagonists love starts with a kiss. Mei tachibana (Haruna Kawaguchi) is a high school student. Because of some traumatic incident that happened when she was kid, Mei has been unable to make friends. One day, due to a slight misunderstanding, Mei injures the most popular guy in the school, Yamato Kurosawa (Sato Fukushi) And like always, the famous boy falls in love with the Emo girl.
Yamato goes to apologize to Mei after that incident and shares his number with her. Plus, he begins telling everyone that Mei is his friend. One night, when Mei was heading home after her part time job, she notices the guy that always comes to her shop. Anxious, Mei enters a book store and sees that the stalker is still waiting outside.
Not knowing what to do, she then calls Yamato who immediately arrives at the bookstore. That surely surprised Mei because she didn’t expect he would come after what she did to him. To rid the stalker from following her anymore, Yamato kisses her.
And from that kiss, their love story begins.

The movie isn’t something different, rather, it’s plain and just filled too many unnecessary kisses. No offense, I just didn’t like it. What I thought was that everything was going a little too fast. I know, it’s hard to adapt a film from a manga because manga has more detailed emotions and sense but in the movie, the feelings and the smooth at didn’t get to me much.

Mei’s background isn’t all that sad and like Yamato says, not everyone is the same. Not everyone betrays.

Yamatos background wasn’t special either but due to his past, he has a soft side for the bullied which is why he fell for Mei.

The side characters each had their moments in the story but again, nothing too unexceptional.

There was slight antagonism and I was afraid something ugly would take place but nothing of the sort happened so that took out one point.

(And one more point taken from this movie for being a normal high school movie)

Then just for a while, there’s a love triangle but it ended pretty quickly as well. Like I said, everything was going fast and before I knew, the move ended too. Lol.
It was good though, how the second hero gave up his love when the heroin said she only had feelings for the one person who made her feel all these feelings she was experiencing and not just went around forcefully kissing her and then picking a fight with the hero.

I sensed Mei’s jealousy at the time when Yamato takes the job of modeling. I wouldn’t blame her for being like that because of Yamato’s “I’m just a good friend” attitude with the model.

Mei’s friends were a good support for her which I liked because that’s what friends are for, right?

I also liked how in the end, Mei kisses Yamato because it’s always Yamato making the first move but this time, Mei really wanted to show how she honestly feels about him.
And they also end the movie with a kiss and a spot on confession from Mei, “I love you.”

The actors acting were nice, a little off beat at times but it was watchable.
Once more I’m going to mention that everything went a little too fast.
I kept rolling my eyes whenever a kissing scene would come up haha. It’s not like they can’t kiss but please, can’t it be limited?

Though, you can watch this movie if you want to pass some free time. It wasn’t that bad, so give it a shot, okay?

My rating: 2/5

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