My Review of Boku Wa Ashita, Kinou No Kimi To Date Suru

Once again, I had stumbled on a Japanese movie and I was glad I did.
Boku wa ashita, kinou no kimi to date suru, is a tragic movie based on a novel written by Takafumi Nanatsuki.

To be honest, I wanted to see the movie for Nana but to my surprise, Sota was starring as well which gave me one more reason to see this heart-clenching story.

This youthful romance story is about a University guy named Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi). He is a major in art at an art University in Kyoto. One day, on the train to his Uni, Takatoshi sees a girl named Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu) and falls in love with her at first sight. Soon, mustering his courage, he talks to her at a station.

The first fifteen-twenty minutes or so of the story was going quite well and smoothly. I mean, yeah, the title did give away the surprise but I really wasn’t expecting something so bitter.

One night, Emi forgets her diary at Takatoshi’s house and that’s when Emi had to reveal her devasting secret. She is from a parallel universe where time flows in the opposite direction of this universe. Which means, when Takatoshi is 25, Emi is 15 and When Takatoshi is 35, Emi is 5. To make this even more disastrous, Emi and Takatoshi are only able to meet for 30 days every 5 years because that’s where the loophole in their time cycles is.

At first, the plot confused me a little. I had to repeatedly keep asking my sister what the hell was going on. But when I finally and completely realized what was happening, my heart sank deep. I couldn’t bear to watch such an amazing couple being in such a miserable situation.

The movie gets more and more intensely sad when we get absorbed by the strong feeling of the characters. What pains me is that the Emi that Takatoshi meets each day, has no memory of the days they had spent time together in his timeline because she hasn’t experienced them yet and vice versa for Takatoshi in Emi’s timeline.

So the only memory they have is of today’s. The memory of the next day for Takatoshi and the memory of the next day for Emi is shared with a different version of the other person which means, there are no actual shared memories. However yet, they continue to love each other and try to make their relationship work.

I could somehow truly feel the pain they both were feeling. The movie didn’t make me cry but it was so sensitive. One more thing that makes the viewers go, “I’m done with this movie…and my life.” Is realizing that once Takatoshi reaches 40+, there won’t be any more opportunities to see Emi because in her timeline, she wouldn’t have been born yet and it would be same for her.

Takatoshi and Emi won’t be able to see each other anymore because the other person wouldn’t be in existence… (Yeah, cry on that!)

In the end, me and my sister just blankly stared at the credits screen. Our mind was stuck on the bittersweet ending. When I still think about it, I feel my heart pinching.

I loved everything about this movie; the setting, the aesthetic feeling, the actors, the emotions, the feels, the sadness. Unlike others, I am satisfied with minor touching scenes that just stays on your mind for a while. This movie shows us the real bond of true lovers that even though they are going through such a hard time, they try to cherish each of the second they spend together. They try not to show how painful it is for the both of them to live like this and yet, till the end they are smiling.

It was a really good movie and it could be watched a second time but I don’t want to feel all those pitiful emotions again so I’m going to give up on that idea.

I have a feeling most people wouldn’t like the movie since it wouldn’t reach their expectation and would think it as a bore because it’s slow paced.

But I do suggest you to watch it attest once because you don’t want to miss out on this  amazingly, unhappy movie.

I recommend this movie to all those who wants to see or feel how a heart break is.

My rating: 5/5

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