My Mini Review of Kimi To 100 Kaime No Koi

“I will tell you a secret. I can turn back time.”

(My apologies if I give out any spoilers…read at your own risk)

Last night I wanted to watch another Japanese movie and I found another good one after Kyo no Kira-Kun. The plot of this movie is that July 27th, A University student named Aoi Hinata (Miwa) has an accident. However, she suddenly wakes up and finds herself in the classroom from a week before the accident.

I really liked the plot so I decided to watch it. It’s a slow-paced movie with soft and delicate emotions and backgrounds. Since I don’t usually watch slow-paced movies, I felt just slightly bored but nevertheless, I did continue and I’m glad I did. Like always, there’s a love triangle which is very unjustified but there’s also the friend who tried to explain the protagonist what’s right and wrong and what she he/she should really do in terms of confessing.

This movie also showed friendship and that friends will do anything for you no matter what situation you’re going through. They are also sympathetic and understanding which is most important in a bitter world like this.

Like I mentioned earlier, the movie starts slow but it gets interesting at the build-up and gradually intensifies. One moment you are smiling and the next you feel this strange tension vibrating through your body. It’s the kind of movie that makes your heart uneasy because you’re not sure what will happen at the next scene.

There are a couple of scenes I fangirled on that happened between the hero and the heroin and they were many tender memories they shared while going back in time once they expressed their feelings (which was the happiest part in the entire movie)

The songs were nice to hear to as well. I presume Miwa is a singer because her voice is so good.

Japanese people are passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to movies or dramas. I always praise their acting skills and their way of showing each expressing so beautifully.

The moral this movie gives us is that, ‘once when something is written, it will come to pass, regardless of the hundred things you will do to change it.’

Overall, it’s a sad and touching movie because everything keeps miserably repeating and the hero goes through the same pain every single moment of his life, afraid of losing his childhood friend. And if you’re delicate, then I’m sure that at the end of the movie you will notice a pile of crumpled tissues around you. (I did not cry but I truly felt the melancholy) I recommend this movie to those who love a good tear-jerker but I’m presuming those who don’t have patience won’t be able to sit through the movie. However, it’s a good watch and I don’t want you guys to miss it.

My rating: 4/5


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