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EXO’s Power Comeback Stage!

If you haven’t watch EXO’s Comeback stage then girl, you better go and watch now because you don’t wanna miss their awesome choreography and Kai’s solo dance break and Baekhyun’s silliness which is unnoticeable but you’ll notice it.

I like how they left a place for Lay which gives me assurance that he will be back. At least that’s what I thing. I have my fingers crossed…

Their new choreography seems a little difficult compared to KOKOBOP and Eve but I’m sure once someone records a tutorial for it, it will be easy to learn and dance to it!

I like the chorus step, it’s catchy and I just want to you know, get up and dance to it. They all have their own style which makes the choreography fun to watch and actually complicated to choose the member you want to focus on.

Click below to watch their comeback stage right now!


P.S. Kai’s expressions have nearly killed me.


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