My Mini Review of Kyo No Kira-Kun

“I’ll always be by your side, until you die.”

I have been wanting to see a heart-touching and simple Japanese live action for a long time after watching Your Name and last night my sister finally showed me something that I felt satisfied with watching. Kyo No Kira-Kun which is called Closest love to heaven is a manga based teen romance live action. The story is about a high school girl named, Ninon Okamura who doesn’t have any friends but has a talking parrot which she calls him as ‘Sensei’. Meanwhile, our hero, Yuiji Kira is Nino’s classmate. He likes harassing other students and dating various girls, but like all other manga heroes, he has a secret. He’s terminally ill and he only has a year to live.

Since the very beginning of the movie, I could sense the emotions slowly drawing in. The sceneries were so manga-like and the angst atmosphere was already building just a few minutes after the movie started. I felt the sorrow, the joy, and the different feelings just by the amazing acting skills of Taishi Nakagawa (Yuiji Kira) and Marie Iitoyo (Ninon Okamura)

I want to praise their acting skills further because it was surprisingly good. I was surprised at how they made me cry in the end. I mean, I am quite sensitive when it comes to people dying but I really felt what the characters felt. The story was set so beautifully, I could watch it again if I must. The supporting characters were indeed how every best friend would be; supporting. Without them, there was no chance of the hero and heroin to be together. And per se, they were the main pillars for the protagonists love to bloom to the fullest. Japanese live actions also tend to show the true feelings the family feels about something like love and friendship. This movie had a very devoted mother and father who don’t want anything but that her daughter is happy until the end which is why they make a decision that is right from their perspective but a little upsetting for the main characters.

There were a few heart throbbing and awe moments and that’s what I like about these types of movies; they have everything. Humor, Optimism, Comfort, Moodiness and the Blues.

There’s always something Japanese live action teaches us and this one here taught us that you don’t know what happens tomorrow but you gotta believe in today so that you can have a tomorrow. You never know what can happen to us anytime that’s why don’t miss the chance to do what you love and don’t miss the opportunity to be with the one you love.

I’m sure the manga would be filled with more feels and heart-fluttering moments but to those who love a good cry at the end of the day, I recommend it to you.

My rating: 5/5


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