My Review of EXO’s Power MV.

And EXO is back with their 4th repackaged album, the power of music! There are three new songs, Power, Sweet lies and Boomerang along with their previous songs from their album The War.

I was totally excited and expected much from this MV because of their superhero inspired visual so, without further ado, let’s get to reviewing!

I liked how the MV started with a narration like their first MV Mama. The space-age comic style and the galactic tune really got me interested. At first the MV teases us with their previous song Unfair and Love me right and then begins the real story with this sudden ZOOM sound. The camera takes us through a spaceship kind of thing and I had this exciting feeling of watching a 3D show in a theme park. There appears to be the entry of the villain named RF-05, a tracking robot I guess and he was on his way to find and destroy the POWER OF MUSIC! Okay, that was too much but it becomes obvious once our handsome and charismatic Kai enters the scene with a space-aged gun in his hand! (The cosmic look does suit him well) And then our very charming Chanyeol comes into the scene with his cool, easy-go style and blue hair and not to mention, his compelling voice. Basically, they all have guns so I don’t need to mention it again and again and technically, they all try to destroy the robot. Our D.O has this coward-ish character in this MV compared to his strong, beast-like character in MAMA and Xiumin is amusingly our Hanji Zoe of this MV. He eagerly plugs in a cord and cut scene, Chen’s shown to be keeping an eye on the robot with his binoculars. (The yellow eye shadow does make his eye look bright) But then I realized that he wasn’t watching the robot but Xiumin who then falls right in front of Chen because of the strong electric force of the cord he plugged in. And Chen’s like, “Hyung will be Hyung…”  And picks up the cord. This MV does have a few entertaining aspects to it.

Then comes our Sehun with a radio phone in his hand and he’s hidden behind a rock but keeps shooting the robot while talking to someone. Now, isn’t that cool? D.O is shown again feeling all scared of the laser beams the robot fires. Suho is then seen searching for his glasses and when he does, he faints upon seeing the robot. (Lol on that) but what made my heart flutter was the moment Suho fainted, Kai popped up with this, “I’ll kill you for sure today!” Look and shot it! (That was epic and I’m not just saying it because I like Kai…)

After that comes our rap with our favorite duo Chanyeol and Sehun. After this, it’s more shooting at the poor robot and then at this point, I realized that there was no Baekhyun… *gasps*

While they were shooting, Chen’s doing some technical stuff to save their lives; His characters pretty cool and chill. And the robot was about to shoot a powerful ball that could create a huge blast and kill team EXO! But Chen wouldn’t let that happen. He jumps right the moment the robot fires and saves the day. Hell, he’s even proud about it. Finally, Chen’s the one to kill the robot and they all wave goodbye to RF-05 which becomes a creepy, bobbing toy… Sometimes, I don’t understand what SM tries to do but I do have to say, they confused the watchers a lot.

I still can’t see Baekhyun and I cursed under my breath if I don’t see him the next scene, I’m going to…well, I can’t do anything but I waited patiently. And fortunately, he was shown on ‘choose your player’ type of cards. Team EXO gives us this Ben-10 style acting as if to get ready to fight and destroy more robots that come in their way.

But suddenly, there comes this cute Persian cat named, L. (Lay?) And with its cute little paws it keeps crazily pressing this button. Then there is this cartoon drawing which I think the pressing of the button turned them like that.

Eventually, a pretty pair of hands picks the cat up and there it is, our Byun Baek! Theoretically, he picked up Lay, right? And Baek presses this button and gets his light ball. And I think their powers get stronger at the time of solar eclipse or I may be wrong, I don’t know. Our Team EXO, show off their abilities which I think they used to destroy more robots like I assumed.

But what surprised me was that Baekhyun suddenly fell in the ocean with the background music of Sweet lies which became my favorite song (Why?) And he sadly keeps looking up at the sky while he’s back-floating before finally, closing his eyes. (Can someone theorize this for me?)

So yeah, this was the end of the EXO’s Power MV. I thoroughly enjoyed it but there was one thing that got me disappointed and that was there was no choreography. I love dancing as much as I love EXO which is why I was eager to see Kai show some of his dynamic moves but guess we just have to wait for their live or dance practice videos. (Or, you could just see their leaked dance practice :P)

However, I really liked the MV, it was different, it was lively, comical and cosmic. The melody of each of the members were fitting and precise like they always are. Their Power of Music is definitely a song to listen to. It’s the song that makes you jump at the club and sing at the automatically sing at the chorus. It has a strong feeling to it yet it doesn’t exceed its limits in matter of tunes. It’s always good to hear a song that’s easy to sing and remember and it’s always nice to see EXO try different kinds of music which strangely, harmonizes with them well.

To all EXO-L’s, please keep supporting EXO and their songs and let’s hope Lay comes back and becomes active again in EXO because we all miss him, don’t we?


Then, I’ll see you guys in my next post.

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