My Mini Review of Marvel’s – The Defenders

“You know what your problem is?” 

“Sentences that start like that.” 

Before I blabber on about this epic series that I watched with my family and completed it just yesterday, I wanna confess that I haven’t watched any of their solo seasons. Yep, that confused me at first since the main characters life’s were a continuation in this series but I understood everything by the time of the third episode.

(I apologize if I give out any spoilers to those who haven’t watched it yet…)

This Netflix Original Series is just as interesting as I expected it would be. I have no idea why Marvel keeps attacked New York but guess this time, it was these four vigilantes that saved the bustling city from the secret crime organization called Hand; Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Dare Devil and Iron Fist. (Seems to me like New York is cursed or something…)

The story starts off pretty smoothly, the characters introductions are simple and frank but for the first timers who haven’t watched any of their previous seasons, it’s kinda exciting getting to know them. As I watched each episode, the characters personalities and attitude became vivid which was the good part because I could enjoy myself watching it. They gave little hints or pieces of recollection in between from their previous seasons to let people like me know things we didn’t. I started to like our lawyer and our P.I. from the very beginning. I happened to like Jessica’s ‘Don’t-talk-to-me-I’m-always-annoyed attitude and how the hell she even picks up everything like it’s a lego brick and the extraordinary senses and reflex of the Daredevil. But there’s one thing that I didn’t like about Daredevil and I have a feeling the daredevil fans will hate me for it…It’s his suit! It’s weird. It’s super weird, it makes him look weird…I’m sorry, it’s just weird. (Don’t hate me)

Being honest, Luke cage was awesome too, of course, he’s awesome because he’s bulletproof! Damn yeah, he can take a million bullets from a machine gun and come out like he just had a hot bath. However…Sorry to say but I thought Iron Fist was irritating and childish. Who even goes directly to the villain who is finding him so ardently and spills the beans that he’s the Iron Fist…Seriously, dude, you gotta know how to deal with things. Although, one part is cool about him, he’s rich. (Money money money, always sunny, in the rich man’s world– well, not for our superhero though…) The supporting characters were always understanding and helpful to the main characters and that’s what helps the hero choose the right decision, right? If your friend told you that you were the only one who can save the damn New York city, then it’s his word you gotta listen, not the one who tells you to stand by and watch because the Avengers will eventually come and save it.

The villain were intimidating though, quite how it should be and quite how we expect from Marvel. A lot more interesting stuff happens in between which is why you gotta watch it to know it cause I don’t wanna spoil it for ya any further.

A quick reminder: Marvel always has post-credits scene.

I definitely liked the series because 1) It’s Marvel, 2) It’s superhero and 3) It’s Marvel. I would recommend this to everyone who loves a good team work and super-duper fights and of course, a little humor.

You guys will surely enjoy it and let me know your thoughts in the comments if you did see The Defenders.

My Rating. 4/5














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