My 13 Helpful Productivity Tips!

Have you ever just laid on your bed and stared at the sad blank wall? Or do you always end up slouching in front of the T.V and before you know it, an important hour of your life is already wasted. Well, if I’m right, then don’t worry because often than we think, we all do that. Sometimes our mind stops working. It loses its energy and no matter how much you try to do some activity, you just go and grab that packet of chips and soda. Many people might not care but it’s time for you to care because my belief is that each second in our life matters. “What we do now will help us for a better minute or damn, even future.”  


That’s why, I have got a few tips that you can try to boost your brainpower and to get your lazy butt away from the T.V. So, keep away whatever junk food you’re holding and go through my list.


  1. Silence your phone. Don’t go to any of your SNS for a while. Just keep away that damn gadget. Trust me, it works. I always do it when I want to finish a chapter and it surprises me how swiftly I write a thousand words in half an hour.
  2. Take regular breaks. Take a little 15-minute break to cool your mind off. Make some green tea and get back right to what you started. Tip. Don’t leave your work unfinished. It’s not good for the mind or your deadline.
  3. Work in various environment. This is very helpful because generally, our minds tend to easily get bored being around a particular thing or place. Why not try going to a park or a coffee shop to release your creativity enzymes?
  4. Sit by the window. Researches have revealed that exposure to bright light helps us to regulate our sleep, boost our mood and raises our productivity levels plus, you get a good view.
  5. Get plenty of sleep, exercise and healthy food. Seven hours of sleep, thirty-minute exercise and avoiding junk food will just get you on the right track. Don’t diet just avoid.
  6. Listen to music. Not the hard rock kind but the low and serene ones. It’s said that music reduces stress and eases anxiety also it helps us to concentrate better so you better buy a new earphone if you don’t have one.
  7. Track your time. It really helps in the daily basis of your life.
  8. Don’t check your email until you’ve worked for an hour. That might be quite a challenge for some of you.
  9. Write tomorrow’s to-do list, tonight. That way you can be ready for anything.
  10. If a work takes less than a minute, then get up and do it now! Don’t waste time. It’s crucial.
  11. Don’t break the chain. Don’t stop what you’re doing and keep at it.
  12. Smile and be happy. Smiling can improve our mood and reduce our stress, even if you should fake it! Researchers have said that the more we smile the easier it becomes to think positively, shut out negativity, and, in turn, boost our productivity and creativity, which allows us to perform better at work and life.
  13. Eat Chocolate. Yes, consuming chocolate regularly has been found to help the brain function. But not too much, okay?



These were my few tips that I hope was helpful to you all. Normally it takes 21 days to form a tiny habit but much longer for a bigger one. However, if you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you, right? Nothing can stop you but you. So, don’t give up!


Breath, eat, relax and work.


See you in my next post.


I’m your Writer Next Door! 


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