7 places I’d like to visit.

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

I love travelling but I only got a few chances to do so. I have a list to where I want to go. I want to go on an endless adventure with a companion. Its what life is about. We must live to our fullest. We must see what lies on the other side of the vast Earth. Man, if I had enough money, I would pack my bags and would already be at the airport.

I have travelled to San Francisco, L.A and Dubai but here’s a short list of places I’d like to visit if I ever get the chance to:-

  1. Morocco also known as the Kingdom of Morocco. Why? Because it’s such a great and beautiful place. The environment is the same as it was ages ago. I have recently read a post about a female traveler who went to Morocco and I believe what she said was entirely true. I will give you the link to her post so that you can all know what a great place it is and how kind and loving Moroccans are. https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2017/08/226048/morocco-eyesfemale-traveler/
  2. South Africa. Why? It’s such a boundless country. I asked my dad to take me there. I want to see their Wildlife with my own eyes. See the true beauty of the nature and the people.
  3. Japan. In fact, this place should have been in the top. Why? I have been in love with Japanese Culture since, hell, for a long time. I was around thirteen or fourteen years of age when me and sister found out about Anime. Since then, I wanted to visit Japan. I love their culture, their food and their etiquettes. It surprises me how progressive and competitive they are in diverse matters.
  4. Madagascar. Why? Many a people said it’s a great place if you want a little safari adventure. Also, I read in a post that this massive island is home to thousands of species that are found nowhere else on the earth! I’m slightly afraid of the climate changes but like one says, “Escape the ordinary.”
  5. Australia. Why? It’s dreamy, captivating and I want to see Sydney.
  6. Norway, officially Kingdom of Norway. Why? I don’t know, it just feels like such a gorgeous place. And it is often said that the northern parts of Norway are the best places in the world to see the northern lights.
  7. Korea. Why? I’m to an extent obsessed to go to Seoul. If I had the chance right away, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there. I have watched a lot of K-drama’s and movies and Seoul looks so stunning. I don’t know what’s so stunning about it but I would like to go there at-least once. I want to try Korean cuisine and I want to dig deep into their culture. P.S. my novel the 13: We all Start as Strangers is situated in Seoul, so go check that out too. Link is right here! http://www.lulu.com/shop/aaliyah-s/the-13-we-all-start-as-strangers/ebook/product-22913798.html 
  8. You know what? Make that 8. I want to go the moon. It’s always been my dream and I think I would actually die without ever going there…

For now, these are the places I’m eager to go to. If anyone will send me a ticket, feel          free. (JK!)

Which of the places do you guys want to visit? Let me know in the comments!

And see you in the next post, guys.

I’m your Writer Next Door.



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My Mini Book Review of Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

TITLE – Murder at Orient Express. 

AUTHOR – Agatha Christie. 


“The murderer is with us–on the train now…” 


Agatha Christie is best known for her detective novels and this one has just made my mind blown. Murder at Orient Express is one of the Hercule Poirot series which has now been made a movie and will be releasing this November. I’m a fan of Johnny Depp and a few other actors who are playing the defined parts of many of Christie’s characters so I will definitely hit the theaters to watch how this amazing story has been directed.


I won’t give any spoilers since I myself hate it. 


The actual story begins with Hercule Poirot refusing a case of a passenger traveling to a three-days’ journey across Europe with him. However, just after midnight, the Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift and by morning, the millionaire Simon Ratchett is found dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times. But what surprises me is that the door was latched from the inside. That’s when Hercule Poirot decides that the murderer would be from among the passengers. The train doesn’t move and the storm gets strong and Hercule Poirot must find the culprit before it strikes again. The middle part is all about interrogation, evidences and the detective’s precise guesses that makes the story even more suspicious. The mysteries that unlocked were unsuspected and pivotal. It evidently ends with the detective catching the culprit but what good would it be if I said who it was, right?


The main character is the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot who is a small man with a head shaped like an egg. Agatha Christie describes him as so in the book; By the step leading up into the sleeping-car stood a young French lieutenant, resplendent in uniform, conversing with a small man [Hercule Poirot] muffled up to the ears of whom nothing was visible but a pink-tipped nose and the two points of an upward-curled mustache. 


Poirot has dark hair and green eyes that shines like a cat’s when he is struck by an idea.

I have grown to like Hercule Poirot and his way of dealing with the cases. However, one thing I cannot change is I keep imagining him as Pierce Brosnan. The way he speaks, the way he looks, it’s fitting to the British actor somehow.


My favorite part of the story would be the collecting of the evidences from the passengers since it’s the key point of the entire book. It was an amusing book, to be fair. Hercule Poirot’s calmness and patience in solving the case makes the book even-paced.


I would recommend this book to crime and mystery readers and to those who love an interesting book with a twisted ending.


My rating: 4.5/5 




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15 Things you do when you’re alone.

Heyo peeps! Wassup? (Sorry for being so informal lol. Being a good girl isn’t an option. It’s a choice) 

So, the past few days, I have been scrolling through posts on Pinterest for any blog ideas I can use to write and thanks to the people who post there, I got a few that I can use for a few days or maybe months.

I’m gonna just take a second and promote Pinterest a little since it’s so so so so so useful. (Yes, five so’s) It’s a great app for bloggers and writers who become the victims of writer’s block. It’s helped me a lot and I’m sure it’s been a great companion to others as well. You can literally find any topic…I mean, literally. So if you’re not using Pinterest then I suggest you go use it right now because hell, I’m a fan and should you be.

Anyway, today’s post is about THINGS YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE ALONE!

I’m ninety-nine point nine percent sure that a human being has two sides. One, when they are between two or more people and two, when they are all alone.

When we’re alone, we tend to do things that we don’t usually do or don’t want others to see what we want to do. It’s human nature, of course. We are our true selves when we no one’s watching us.

We do stuff like :-

  1. Sing under the shower as if you’re in The Voice.
  2. Praise yourself in front of the mirror. Trust me, sometimes our faces just looks too good to be true.
  3. While baking or cooking we act as if we’re in a cooking show. We speak aloud as if we have an audience in front of us. Besides, doing that makes baking even more fun!
  4. Have you pretended as if you’re in a music video? Don’t lie, I’m sure you have.
  5. You meticulously plan how you’re going to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. You suddenly see a hammer and bam, you’re like, “I gotta put that in my Z.A.T.K. (Zombie Apocalypse Tool Kit)
  6. We pick our nose. It’s common.
  7. Have you ever planned about robbing a bank or maybe, breaking into a prison and then breaking someone out from there? No? Then let me tell you something.

    “Somewhere deep in our little mind, we are all criminals.” 

  8. You just sit there on the couch or recliner and just ponder; “What am I going to do If I have a million dollars?” And let me be honest, I always think of opening a charity house.
  9. Okay, so you have a glass of water in front of you. What do you do, huh? That’s right, you think you can pick it up by just thinking or staring at it. I actually tried this a few times as a kid after watching Matilda… And all I ever got was disappointment. Shouldn’t have believed that movie.
  10. Alohomora! “Well, that didn’t work…” But don’t worry, keep trying it. Maybe one day, the door will just pop open.
  11. I’m sure this everyone must have experienced. Remembering that embarrassing moment from years ago.  It’s like suddenly, the mind evilly plans to leave us in a cringy state or stop us from sleeping half of the night.
  12. “They say we have seven people around the world that looks like us…I wonder what my look-alike is doing right now…thinking the same thing I’m thinking? Wow…that would be so epic…and creepy.”
  13. You dance in front of the mirror thinking that you’re in Step up 6. And once those dope moves are danced, you never remember what you just did.
  14. You try to touch your toes to your forehead…No one tried that? Okay then, shouldn’t have added this point…
  15. You know there’s no Joe Jonas beside you but hey, it doesn’t hurt to talk to the ‘Imaginary Joe Jonas’ once in a while.

That’s how much I know what people do when they’re alone or at least what do. And guess what, we shouldn’t be embarrassed to agree and accept what we are because that’s how we like ourselves. That’s what makes us, us. These are just a few habits that we won’t be changing any time soon. And there’s also no need to lie about such trivial things, right? What? Can’t we just have some fun when we’re alone?

These are just a few points I know but if there’s something different that you do, then why don’t you leave a comment and let me know? It’s fun to know each other’s strange habits.

I had fun writing this post. See you in my next post~

I’m your Writer Next Door. 


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