Ramadan Tips.


Ramadan has started and two days are already over. Time flies so fast, doesn’t it? In a few hours, I’m gonna break my fast. Mom is preparing vegetable biryani for us today with prawns fry on the side. The fun thing in Ramadan is that every iftar is special and tummy-feeling.

I’m afraid that time is running too fast and that Ramadan will be over soon. It’s the best month of all the months together! I’m super excited for the remaining days and I hope we all make the best of it and not regret anything!

I know that most of you all might be new to fasting, or are just used to it but it won’t hurt to list a few tips that can help you maybe end your day tirelessly. I know, three days have already passed but no worries, there are still…27 days left! If you think this post won’t help you and that your days are going just fine, still read it and share because I’m working hard on it T-T! (Thank you in advance)

  • Plan In Advance. Your goal in Ramadan is to achieve taqwa. That’s why end your settlements in the day so that you can you get plenty of time at night to reach your goal. Remember, don’t let regret win at the end of the month.
  • Calculate How Much Ibaadah Time You Will Have.
  • Dedicate Time For Quran. Ramadan is the month of Quran so it is apparent that your time must be dedicated daily to the Quran. Recite properly, study Tafsir and reflect on its meanings.
  • Please Avoid Multitasking.
  • Try To Stay Away From Social Networking Sites. The more you keep your phone away from you, the better your Ramadan.
  • Avoid Saying Bad Words.
  • Help The Poor.
  • Help Your Family.
  • Don’t Waste Your Time On Worldly Things. Remember, it’s just temporary but the things in the hereafter are forever.
  • Learn New Surahs and Dua’s. It’s a great time to forget about posting a new photo on Instagram and opening your Quran to by heart it without any distractions.
  • Don’t Watch T.V Because It’s Just A Waste Of Time.
  • Try To Take Tiny Naps To Feel Refreshed Throughout The Day.
  • Try To Eat A healthy and Heavy Suhoor So That You Won’t Feel Fatigue The Entire Day.
  • Exercise For 20-30 Minutes To Stay Active and Physically and Mentally Fit.
  • And Last But Not The Least, Worship Your Creator With All Your Heart And Mind. Remember, You Are Fasting For Him, Not For Yourself Or To Show Off.

I hope these evident tips came in handy to you all. And I hope I will get my blessing for writing such an easy but important post. I just want all your people’s Ramadan to be guilt-free and I want you all to be happy by the end of the month because there is nothing greater than the joy of knowing that you did your best in gaining The Most Great’s attention.

Jazakallah Khaiyrun.

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