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Sorry for not blogging much everyone. Let me be truthful and just say that I didn’t have any motivation to blog. And damn, being an awesome blogger and getting paid at the same time needs a little skill, don’t you think?
At the moment, I’m a bit low on my allowance to actually spend on blogging (which I think is a very important part if you wanna be a blogger) But, in any case, I would like to thank the very few of my readers who read my blog even though it’s superrrr random!
I think this post is a good time to promote my ‘stories’ that I’m currently writing on Wattpad. I’m sure many of you are Wattpadders but even if you’re not, then take my advice and make an account because I need you to follow me and vote on my stories and perhaps, might also give me your feedback whether or not it’s good or bad or at least at the brink of average.
I have started writing a new novel titled, Our Broken Paradise. It’s a Young Adult, Gore, Dystopian, Mystery, and Thriller novel. I’m sure many of you love blood and shit so I think this might be the book to pass your time.
Summary: “Sweetie, it’s our Broken Paradise.”
Oregon has turned into a deadly, abandoned city. A city so cursed and frightful, no one dares enter it or rather, are not allowed to by the guards that have closed the walls for people of Oregon to leave. Only those who survive roam the ruined paths and take shelter deep within where no soul can find them.
And as unfortunate as one can get, Lina Ling wakes up from her deep, long coma but only to find out that her memories have been broken and forgotten.
Will Lina be able to piece her life back together in such a dangerous world? Or will her fate take her to a completely different path?
“It’s all a matter of time before we become like one of them.”

And the other book which I’m writing is a Fanfiction based on our very own K-pop boy band, EXO!
Okay, who loves EXO? Raise your hand or scream or whatever! If you don’t know who EXO is, then I suggest you search it on Google right this minute, buddy.
It’s a cute, romantic, comedy and drama-ish fanfiction which I shall presume that only girls who love romance and idols will read. Lol.
Though, it won’t hurt if you give it a try, right?
SSummary: Can a writer fall in love with an Idol?
Well…it all started with a Coke.
Aaliyah, an eighteen-year novelist heads to New York for her debut book signing.
Not long after does she find out that EXO, the famous Kpop boy group was staying in the same hotel as her!
And as circumstances intertwine, each of the members gets to know a little about Aaliyah.
Slowly and then all at once.

So yeah, these two I have been simultaneously writing and I would really appreciate it if you guys would read my stories because I write them with so much love and inspiration from you guys.
You can find me on Wattpad here- https://www.wattpad.com/user/aaliyahchan
Happy Reading everyone!
I’m your Writer Next Door~

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