Random blabber.

So I went out today with my mom and the weather really annoyed me. I mean my clothes were sticking to my back and I was sweating and I was thirsty and I really wanted to pee but there was no washroom so I had to hold it and yeah…I didn’t like it. 

I crave Ghiradelli’s ice cream now.

And I wanna go someplace where there is snow so that I can roll and make snow angels. 

I started reading Book Thief by Markus Zusak and because there are a few german sentences in there, I began talking to German people on Hello Talk. I don’t even know why I’m reading that book but since I started it, I gotta end it, right? 

I haven’t met my school friends in like seven years so I’m really planning on having a reunion sometime this December but I’m also very nervous because I’m afraid they won’t remember me If I try and call them 😛 They would be like, “Who the hell is this?” 

Though, I’m 94% sure that won’t happen. 

There are times when I’m too desperate and impatient for people to buy my book but then after all the throwing of the pillows on the ground and stuffing a handful of Oreos in my mouth, I say to myself, “You didn’t write to become famous. You wrote because it’s your passion.” And that’s actually true because I didn’t publish my book so that I could get money. I published it because I wanted to see my own story and words in a hardcover and paperback and my dad fulfilled that wish for me. 

I love you, dad. He has supported me all the way and I am utterly grateful to him. My debut novel is, in fact, dedicated to him only. 

Anyway, thank you for reading this short blabbering part of mine and have a great day everyone. 

Don’t give up on things because your time will eventually come when you’re going to rise and rise and never look down again. 

So long~

I’m your writer next door. 

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