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Writer’s problems

Okay, so we all are writers, we all have problems. I bet you a million bucks if you ever find a writer who doesn’t have problems writing or who doesn’t have a fricking writer’s block because I’m tellin’ ya mate, it’s impossible to find one.

As we, the writers, we go through so much. So damn much that it’s sometimes irritable and you just wanna bang your head on the table and die.

Let me list a few relatable problems that even writers who didn’t even start writing yet, go through.

  1. You open your word, you sit in a nice cozy chair and you crack your knuckles and neck to begin writing but, you remember that you haven’t even given a name to your character or from where he/she is from! So you, my dear, end up spending half of your important day researching names and histories when you would’ve already written, say, a whole one chapter!
  2. You know what you want your character to say, it’s in your mind, it’s on the tip of your tongue, and hell, you even speak out loud in the shower but you don’t know how to get it on the blank page that has been waiting for you for fifteen minutes.
  3. You know where your story is going to go. You know what’s going to happen in the next two or three chapters but you know what’s the problem? No energy or motivation to write…
  4. You are reading my blog instead of writing. I thank you for that, love.
  5. When you go and pee and settle yourself in your warm bed and pull up your sheets, you get a damn brilliant idea and you keep telling yourself that you’ll remember this in the morning but alas, you look like a stranded boy on a stranded island.
  6. The one time when you have the urge to write. When the creative energy in your body is just too much to control, you have no idea what to write. Tut tut tut.
  7. When you get more emotional than the character itself. Like, seriously, while my character is just sniffing, I’m here shedding a waterfall that’s able to fill a 2 liter glass of water!

And last but not the least,

8. Imagining characters like they are alive. I always talk to my sister about my character’s; what wrong they did or what right they did or what the hell their problem is for not confessing to the girl they like!

I hope these problems are relatable with all the writers around the world and if they are not relatable then please, tell me your inner secret of not having these simple problems.

Thank you for reading and so long!

I’m your writer next door.

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