So, summer’s kinda nearing guys, I mean, where I live it’s already getting hot and I wish the cold would last long since I love it more than I will ever love summer but I can’t argue with nature because all seasons are important and needs to be treated equally.


Summer. What comes first in your mind when you think of the word summer?

Vacation ? Family ? Party with friends? Sleep ? Or Adventure?

Well, undoubtedly there are a lot of things you can do in 3 months.

As in:-

1) Like everyone recommends, go to the beach! Swim in the cool blue sea, make sand castles, tan yourself a little and finally, when the night approaches, lay a blanket on the cold sand and star gaze with the ones you love, be it a person or a pet *wink*

2) With friends or family, enjoy a whole day bowling since I have heard a lot of people say that bowling releases all the tension and the stress. Release some yourself and let out the beast !!!

3) You know what’s more fun? Blowing bubbles! Yaasssss !

4) Summer does make you thirsty, doesn’t it? Hm..what’s the best drink to quench your thirst then? I’m sure many of you would say Cola or sparkling water, but the best thing one should make is lemonade. It will keep you cool and refreshed all day long and gives you a slight dash of energy. Instruction – Keep making them until the end of scorch trials.


5) Sun means summer, and summer means water, and water means fight together we say WATER FIGHT !!

6) Do you ever just feel lazy after a tired hot day at the beach or in your own private or neihbours lawn eating barbecued chicken but you just don’t have the mood to go to the ice cream shop? Then why not make one at home beforehand. Popsicles are fun and easy to make, plus it will be in your reach. Just open the freezer and smack on those icy dudes!

7) One word. Fire works. Nothing like it.

8) Sometimes, when family go out for dinner with other family members, WE the poor teens are left at home baby sitting our little brothers or sisters, so to make the night fun for you as well why don’t you call your most trust worthy and awesome friends and make your night a GAME NIGHT! Any game is fine as long as no one gets hurt, be it from the inside or out.

9) Movies. Yes, watch movies, and actually, this one you can do it alone sometimes. You do know that you can complete a whole of lot series in three whole months right? So get your tub of ice cream, jump on your bed, sign in on Netflix and you go girl! Don’t care about dark circles cause summer is all about fun and no makeup.

10) Or if you are not the movie type, go complete a book you never read or completed. I think that is the best way anyone can spend their time. Books can take you to another dimension, it can teach you a lot of things, and it can make you feel a lot more than you thought you would. So in a way, it’s pretty interesting how one can learn and experiance so much by just reading.

Last but not the least, it’s not a point but an obvious fact. STAY COOL. LITERALLY.

There are a lot more you could than just these 10, like, go hiking, or visit the farmers market, or go to the amusement park, or plant a garden or write an awesome book.

Summer is all about you. Yourself. Enjoyment, excitement and like I have said before, Adventure.

So put on your shorts, wear your cutest top, don’t forget the sunglasses, slip on your sandals and get out of your house before the sun says its goodbyes.

Your writer next door,


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