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Having Grandparents is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. It’s like having a guardian angel beside you to protect and prevent you from doing anything wrong and harmful.

Some people are quite unfortunate that they don’t get to see their grandmom and grandpa after their birth and that’s pretty sad because the joy of having grandparents is utterly infinite.

Also, some people just don’t care about their grandparents. They see them as just some ‘old people with memory loss problems’ but it’s not their fault. When you grow up, man, you’re going to have the same damn problem then let’s see whose grandkids treat you like you treated your own guardian angels.

My point is, grandparents are a gift. Don’t lose that gift. Their love is boundless, don’t throw it away, please. Your grandparents care for you. Your grandmom cooks your favorite food or bakes your favorite cookies and you might not remember it but when you were a baby and your mom wasn’t there to take care of you, your grandmom would stay awake for hours and hours just to sway you in her delicate arms and give you a goodnight’s sleep.

And your grandpa, he must have thought you so many things, must have given you so many good advices and bought for you so many toys just to see your cute little smile.

It’s concluded, they are the best. Grandparents are a piece of your heart, if you don’t have that piece of heart, your life isn’t complete.

Take care of your grandparents. Give them lots of love, lots of kisses and tell them, “I love you,” Every chance you get because you might never know when the world around you will start to shatter into a million pieces.


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