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Being Lazy

Okay let’s be honest here guys, we all are lazy.

Somewhere when the time comes, people abruptly change.

Like if you are an energetic person, one day you will not feel so and just lay on your bed sloppily.

Or if you are a person who lays on the bed but then suddenly you remember that you have to submit your freaking homework, then automatically you become an active and tireless person.

Nevertheless, this world has many likely and unlikely people.

One of them, I have to say are rather funny and blithe type of people. The lazy ones.

They don’t seem to care about anything, nor do they get annoyed by anything, and neither do they think of their future, which is kinda terrifying to accept.

Not that I am saying all lazy individuals are like that. No, everyone is different.

Perhaps, one of you might relate yourself by the pointers I’m going to write below, but don’t take this to heart alright? You never know, one can find in oneself a few comedic things about themselves.

1 ) You pretend you didn’t hear someone call your name because you don’t want to get up.

2) You say “Never mind” when someone asks you to repeat cause you don’t feel like talking again. Now that I recall, I do that a lot as a matter of fact.

3) Have you ever dropped your phone on your face because you were texting laying down? I have and believe me, I have stopped doing that. Don’t want to ruin my pretty face now, do I?

4) Throwing things at people when they ask you to pass them something. Easy that way than getting up from your warm couch and walking over to them.

5) Trying to pick something up with your feet so you don’t have to bend over.

6) Mom asks you to call your sibling, so you just yell their name at the top of your lungs from where you’re sitting. Always done that.

7) When you still haven’t unpacked your suitcase after you got home from a trip three weeks ago.

8) Never logging out of anything so you don’t have to log back in.

9) Waiting until the last second only to leap like a cheetah to get your laptop charger and plug it in.

10 ) Having to check your phone to know what day of the week it is.

Nowadays, I probably think each and everyone is like that.

Let’s admit, laziness is the essence of life.

Stay yourself. Don’t over work cause at the end of the day, you are going to use your camera to check your hair and makeup because you don’t want to get up and look in the mirror.

Your writer next door,



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