First blog post!

Heyo everyone! 

I hope you all are doing well because I myself am doing great!

So as you know, this is my very first post and I really have no idea how to use wordpress but since I want to start blogging, there’s no helping it…

You might not know me, but believe me, in a few months or years, you will come to my first post and say, “Damn, I know her.” Because…not to let out the secret, I’m gonna be a writer soon, ha ha. Yay.

So, why make a blog? 

Because I want to build an Author platform for myself. I want to meet readers and other writers like myself. I want to know what kind of books people really like. I want to know each and everything about thousands of people so that I can write the best book! So that I can make my readers expect a lot from me. 

That’s why, I’m ready to fight my way through this blog and meet the world!



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